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All of our kids are born in our basement with their Moms.  This is my "she shed" as I like to spend lots of time spoiling my goats and making soap out of the extra goat milk.  My kids are socialized and played with daily as I share the "Mommy" duties with their dams. They get a bottle from me and also are dam raised by their mothers.  When the weather is nice the kids have their own play yard and "PJ's" to keep them warm.

All my goats are Registered, de-horned, Microchipped, tattooed, vaccinated, wormed and come from a clean herd.

 Doelings, Does in Milk and bucks and wethers are available.






Miley profile.JPG

Triplets from Millie X Titian are F4 wethers at $400 each.


Twins from Heidi X Texas Willie Blue


Hailey F6 Purebred Doeling @ $450
Hailey would make a wonderful doe for your herd

Hugo F6 wether
       $400 He is our gentle giant with lots of moon spots

Clara Doeling

Clara x Texas Willie Blue
gave us one beautiful doeling

Clara is a 3 yr. old Purebred with Blue eyes. She is the gentlest soul, she will even feed other kids if they are crying for their mom.   $450

Clara's Doeling is a Purebred and looks just like her mom and has blue eyes.  $450

Both Clara and her doeling are for sale and I can make you a great deal. Clara is a dreamboat of a goat for hand milking.

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