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Mini Nubians



Millie F4

Millie udder 1st

1st yr freshner

Sophie furry.jpg

Sophie is our 1st baby born here. She may be only an F1 BUT she placed 8th in the Nation in the Spring show of 2020. We are so proud of her as she is our farm's Ambassador. She goes everywhere with me to craft fairs dressed in her little dresses.

Willie face.JPG



West Winds

Texas Willie Blue


Titian F5

Titan is our homegrown lovey dovey Buck who is so sweet and calm. He produces wonderful kids with good milk lines and lots of color and moon spots

Sophie F1

Willie is our Southern Gentleman who came to us and throws lots of colors, moon spots, blue eyes, and is polled. I have been following him for 2 years and finally got to welcome him to our family. He is a shy, sweet gentleman who is very polite.

Heidi Head.JPG

Heidi is one of our foundation does and is a Purebred Mini Nubian. Heidi has quite the personality as she is our "talker" in the herd.

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